Kangaroo Anatomy Reference Material and 3D Models

This website is for those who have interest in kangaroos and kangaroo anatomy.

This site is intended to provide information on kangaroo musculature and skeletal structure, however after contacting Austrailian zoos, museaums, and vets I have been unable to obtain any proper visual information. There are only a handfull of images of kangaroo skeletons on the internet (none good enough for this sites purposes) and no  image detailing a kangaroos muscle structure. 

GOAL: The goal of this site is to provide, free of charge, visual information on the musculature and skeletal structure of a kangaroo through images and 3D models. 

Like to help out?
If you've got visual anatomical information (images, photos, bones, etc) on kangaroos that would assist this web site, please contact us.

PLEAD: If you are with an organization that may be willing to assist this project, please let us know! There are many ways to gain the knowlege out there, however they are not easy to come by!

Please contact:

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